Biofuels and Biochemicals


Boulder, CO
Initial Investment: 2011

OPX Biotechnologies is a biochemicals / biofuels company which has developed a proprietary microbe engineering platform for the manufacture of bio-based chemicals and fuels from crop sugars. The Company’s technology creates genetically modified e.coli bacteria which secrete 3HP, rather than alcohol, during fermentation. 3HP is an intermediate molecule which in turn can be chemically converted into multiple commodity chemicals currently produced from petrochemical feedstocks. The Company’s technology platform can also modify e.coli to secrete fatty acids (a basic component for biodiesel production) when exposed to synthesis gas. OPX’s biochemicals and biofuels will be lower-cost than, and direct substitutes for, their current fossil-based equivalents.

USRG sold its ownership interest to Cargill in 2015.

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